Access Routes


The city of Bogota, D.C. has an International Airport called “El Dorado”.
Address: Avenida El Dorado Calle 26 No. 113 – 85
Telephone: + 57 (1) 425 1000

The easiest way to arrive from the airport to any location in the city is by taking a taxi. On the ground floor of the airport you will find the area where authorized taxis operate.


This is the most convenient way to get around the city in terms of ease and comfort. All taxis have a “taxi-meter” which registers a unit for every minute of wait or 100 meters of distance travelled. There is a chart on the back of the passenger seat where you will be able to see the conversion of units to pesos. For longer distances, it is possible to agree upon a cost per hour. It is not customary to tip taxi drivers.

If you need a taxi, you can call:

Radio Taxi: + 57 (1) 288 8888
Taxi Real: + 57 (1) 333 3333
Taxi Estrella: + 57 (1) 212 1212
Taxatelite S.A: + 57 (1) 222 2222
Taxis Libres: + 57 (1) 311 1111
Taxi Express: + 57 (1) 411 1111

Recently, there have been different mobile phone applications which facilitate requesting and confirming taxi services in Bogota. Some of these are: – APP Store and Google Play – APP Store and Google Play
DigitaxPlus – Google Play
SmartTaxi – Google Play

Likewise, the service provided by Uber is available. For more information regarding vehicles and fees available in the city of Bogota, visit

We would like to remind you that the Colloquium Organizers are not affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies or services nor do they assume any responsibility for the services provided by said companies.


The mass transit system in Bogota, which covers the principal avenues of the city, is called Transmilenio. You can take advantage of this service by purchasing a capital card in the ticket booths of the main stations or any minor station.

The nearest Transmilenio stations to the Universidad Externado are: Museo de Oro, Las Aguas and Universidades. For more information, go to o a

Pedestrian Route

The Universidad Externado de Colombia is located 1.2 kilometers from the “Las Aguas” station. Upon leaving the station, go in a south-eastern direction on Carrera 3 towards the Calle 18 and walk about 230 meters. Later, turn left to continue on Carrera 3 for another 500 meters until you find Calle 12 (Carreras generally run in a north-south direction and the Calles run in an east-west direction). When you get to Calle 12, turn left and you will find the Universidad Externado at about 300 meters of distance.

To arrive on foot from the Museo del Oro Station (which is about 1.1 kilometers from the University) upon leaving the station go in a south-eastern direction on Calle 15 until you reach Carrera 6. Turn right to head toward the Carrera 5 and continue on this until you reach Calle 14. There, turn left and walk one block toward the Eastern mountains until you find Carrera 4. Once you see Carrera 4, turn right and walk two blocks until you come to Calle 12. Go up Calle 12 for about 400 meters until you find the Universidad Externado.


The University facilities have a covered parking garage for vehicles in the basement of Building E. The parking costs depend on the time you use them.

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