Call for papers

Call for papers

In the framework of the Colloquium <<Procedural Law and Reconciliation>> organized by the AIDP (International Association of Procedural Law), the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the ICDP (Colombian Institute of Procedural Law), which was carried out from October 5th to the 7th of 2016 in the Universidad Externado de Colombia, in Bogotá, the organizers announced a:


On the theme of


A theme which, undoubtedly, suggested a variety of relations, among which are:

  • Freedom of expression vs due process
  • Judicial sentences revealed or commented on by the communication media: between translation and re-writing.
  • Communication media as judge and the judge as a communicator.
  • Punitive populism: when the judicial process is experienced outside the judicial process.
  • Professional ethics (deontology), Responsibility and Regulation.
  • Politics, the communication media and law.
  • Political participation, the communication media and transitional justice.

This call for papers was directed at any researcher and  professor who sent an article in spanish, english or french, of no less than 45,000 words and no longer than 65,000 words with spaces included on one of the aforementioned themes, or related to the general theme of <Justice and the communication media> to before May 31 2016.

The participant must have attached to the email: (i) the article in Word and in PDF; (ii) an abstract of the article of no more than 2,500 words with spaces included and (iii) a brief CV. The email must have had the title: Call.for.Paper.AIDP.2016.

A committee appointed by the organizers was in charge of selecting the best Colombian paper and the best international paper. The final result was announced on may 30, 2016.